And now for something completely different …

Plodding along as I do with my various projects, I am frequently struck by novel inspiration as work becomes tedious. Thus, while immersed in painting my 54mm artillery, I suddenly became quite certain that it was the perfect moment for me to finally try Blood Bowl. Now, as with everything Games Workshop, […] Read More

Vintage Christmas

I came to miniature wargaming as an adult. Childhood Christmases did include wondrous gifts, but never the tubs of little plastic warriors that so many boys enjoyed. As an aside, I did yearn for that crate of Revolutionary War Soldiers advertised on the back of comic books in the 70’s. […] Read More

A Room of One’s Own

It is fascinating to glimpse another’s private space. I love it when bloggers feature their hobby rooms. Two I know well are Eric the Shed’s eponymous structure and Lord Ashram’s House of War. For the majority of my adult hobbying life, I have been limited to a small desk and a packed […] Read More

The Ruined Tower

To the inventive soul who created the original, I dedicate this humble counterfeit. Whilst searching for a Hirst Arts ruin that was skulking about in my memory, I uncovered new inspiration. A day or so later, this little crumbling beauty debuted on the table: Here it is with a skeletal […] Read More

Paint Table Saturday

This post is less about what’s on the table than the fact of the table itself. The Hobby Shack is not quite complete, with various bits and bobs of trim left to install. Yet, this battle station is fully armed and operational. The paint rack (last spied here in February of ’15) […] Read More

Inaugural Combat

Following an unplanned hiatus, I have every intention of resuming semi-regular posting to this blog. Part of my time away was spent on some 1:1 terrain building. Inspired by Eric the Shed, specifically expansion of his eponymous structure, I endeavored to nearly double the size of the building which houses my carpentry workshop […] Read More

Paint Table Annex

One of the great joys of my day is chatting with my wife as she prepares dinner. Cooking is her hobby, as miniatures (and guitar and carpentry and farming and sailing … oh, well, perhaps I have too many hobbies) are mine. The results of her work are impressive and […] Read More