Satisfaction Unforeseen

One of the bones they throw to public school teachers is periodic respite to recover from post-traumatic stress. It is my custom to fill these breaks with sufficient industry that my return to the kindergartners is a welcome relief. Marvel, DC, one happy family. During the past two weeks, for example, I […] Read More

Finished at Last

In order to keep some self-exacted promises, I will likely inflict upon you an uptick in posts on this blog. It is my intention in the newly-arrived year both to write more and to make a dent in the GULP (the Great Unpainted Lead Pile) that lives in the closet. This motley crew […] Read More

Ernest Glitch & His Lateral Science

I first discovered Roger Curry’s Lateral Science website (now blog) a decade ago. He would seem to be in the process of distilling it into a “novel”— The Ernest Glitch Chronicles. I have to let Roger Curry describe this one for you himself: During the mid-eighteen hundreds, the Weardale savant […] Read More

Sawyer’s Playmobil

Despite the seriousness with which many pursue the cause of wargaming — devoting hours to painting figures and constructing terrain; then devoting hours more to arguing over the proper number of buttons or color of facings — one should never lose sight of the fact that the hobby is, in […] Read More

Craftee Pirates

Matt Jackson, author of the blog Lapsus Calumni, posted recently about a fabulous pirate game he designed and constructed, using components secured from a local craft shop. I’ve walked those same aisles, cast my glance upon those same little wooden tchotchkis and bits, and NOT conceived of such brilliance… Therein […] Read More

Prufrock in Peril!

The Colonial Angle is a website devoted to miniature wargames (my new passion). It contains a photographic battle report of “The Demise of Professor Prufrock, a tale of supernatural mystery and desert intrigue.” I didn’t realize in 2002 that the creator of the Colonial Angle was Steve Winter, a long time […] Read More

Perry–Castañada Library Map Collection

The Perry–Castañada Library Map Collection is an invaluable resource for cartographers, this online map collection comprises numerous modern and historical maps, most in the public domain, as well as copious links to other cartographic resources. Two examples: The Distribution of the Principal European Languages in 1914 Notable High Buildings of the […] Read More

Into the Archives

As I mentioned previously, I “blogged” (though people didn’t call it that) from 2001 to 2009 in support of the roleplaying game I wrote, Terra Incognita. Aside from bookkeeping stuff (the game was reviewed here, blah, blah, blah, there’s a new supporting download, blah, blah, blah), the main goal of the […] Read More

The Square Pegs

The time has come for me to unveil my most recent Enthusiasm;— viz.: The Square Pegs The Square Pegs The Square Pegs are a motley collection of 54mm Toy Soldiers constructed from clothespins, pipe cleaners, and other accoutrements. Why 54mm Craftees? In the summer of 2012, I found myself assessing my increasing […] Read More

Funny Little Wars

My current Enthusiasm involves a return to the origins of another hobby;— miniature wargaming. H.G. Wells’ Little Wars and Floor Games were the foundational texts for adults to engage in warfare employing tiny metal models. One can have for himself the text of both books via Project Gutenberg, should he desire an […] Read More