Dwarfstar Games

If you harbor a hankering to interact physically with the past greatness I mentioned yesterday, you could begin by visiting Dwarfstar Games. In ’81 and ’82 you could ride your Schwinn to the FLGS (J&S Hobbies, Bloomington, MN in my case) and find these little boxed gems ready to be […] Read More

World in a Box

Following is a bit of my rambling from about 2002, salvaged from my old site. World in a Box The Classic Microgames Museum I just discovered a reliable means of travelling backwards in time. That is, as long as your destination of choice is a cramped and cluttered hobby shop circa 1982. My temporal […] Read More

Hello, World (Again)

As one can see, I have resumed blogging. Or, rather, I have plans to begin updating more regularly a blog which has thus far suffered a shadowy existence alongside a website (Circa Games) which was itself a shadow. In 2001, I published with Grey Ghost Press a roleplaying game entitled Terra […] Read More


Hexographer is the thoroughly wonderful program I used to create the map in my header. It comes from the mind of Joe Wetzel at Inkwell Ideas, who also has programs for mapping dungeons (Dungeonographer) and, thanks to one of those successful Kickstarters, entire cities (Cityographer). The programs are Java-based, therefore platform […] Read More


Microtactix was on the leading edge of creating terrain for wargames and RPGs that you could download immediately and print on cardstock. The company has been quiet for some time (viz. the moribund Microtactix website), but a plethora of products remain for sale at RPGNow. The early buildings, such as […] Read More

Whitewash City

In addition to all of the wonderful products that Eric Hotz has offered to the gaming community, his Whitewash City: Links page is the sine qua non of online Old West gaming resources. If you’re looking for miniatures, scenery, rules… Eric has sought them out and provides you with a […] Read More

Pirates Under the Blue Moon

In addition to all of their other great 15mm miniatures, Blue Moon Manufacturing has a line of pirates. There are loads of pirates, always utile civilians, and even some reasonably affordable resin ships.

Horror Under the Blue Moon

The current powerhouse in 15mm miniatures would have to be Blue Moon Manufacturing. They have a small but evocative horror line which includes zombies (of course), but also werewolves & vampires, wolves, and a Jack the Ripper vignette featuring a famous consulting detective.

Deep, Dark Africa from Blue Moon

Blue Moon Manufacturing has released a much-anticipated line of 15mm figures (really 18mm these days) for exploring Deepest, Darkest Africa. The line currently comprises 12 tribes of natives (including pygmies), askaris, porters (with ivory, nicely complementing the Irregular bearers who have crates), witchdoctors, native villagers (in camp and canoes), and even […] Read More