Goblins of the Old School

I submit this little vignette as confirmation that I completed another dozen Bones. “Dungeon Attack” goblins, this time; compadres of the kobolds I knocked out last week. Following Chris […] Read More

Loitering Kobolds

Though a week late in appearing, here you see here the culmination of my winter break’s industry. Another set of Reaper Bones painted — a […] Read More

Prufrock in Peril!

The Colonial Angle is a website devoted to miniature wargames (my new passion). It contains a photographic battle report of “The Demise of Professor Prufrock, a […] Read More

Into the Archives

As I mentioned previously, I “blogged” (though people didn’t call it that) from 2001 to 2009 in support of the roleplaying game I wrote, Terra Incognita. […] Read More

Dwarfstar Games

If you harbor a hankering to interact physically with the past greatness I mentioned yesterday, you could begin by visiting Dwarfstar Games. In ’81 and […] Read More

World in a Box

Following is a bit of my rambling from about 2002, salvaged from my old site. World in a Box The Classic Microgames Museum I just discovered a […] Read More