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    Jumping the Queue

    Paint Table Saturday features flagrant queue jumpers. Looking back yesterday at A) the Major General’s page and 2) my aged stage-set mountains, rendered me nostalgic for VSF and afflicted with remorse for my long-suffering 15mm figures. As things stand, I can…

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    The GULP

    The very first minis I purchased in my adulthood were a passel of western figures from Monday Knight Productions. They turned out to be a mixture of 25 and 28mm, as I really didn’t know the difference then, and the site doesn’t seem…

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    Ernest Glitch & His Lateral Science

    I first discovered Roger Curry’s Lateral Science website (now blog) a decade ago. He would seem to be in the process of distilling it into a “novel”— The Ernest Glitch Chronicles. I have to let Roger Curry describe this one…

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    The Square Pegs

    The time has come for me to unveil my most recent Enthusiasm;— viz.: The Square Pegs The Square Pegs are a motley collection of 54mm Toy Soldiers constructed from clothespins, pipe cleaners, and other accoutrements. Why 54mm Craftees? In the…

  • Funny Little Wars,  VSF

    Funny Little Wars

    My current Enthusiasm involves a return to the origins of another hobby;— miniature wargaming. H.G. Wells’ Little Wars and Floor Games were the foundational texts for adults to engage in warfare employing tiny metal models. One can have for himself the text…

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    Microtactix was on the leading edge of creating terrain for wargames and RPGs that you could download immediately and print on cardstock. The company has been quiet for some time (viz. the moribund Microtactix website), but a plethora of products…

  • Horror,  VSF

    Horror Under the Blue Moon

    The current powerhouse in 15mm miniatures would have to be Blue Moon Manufacturing. They have a small but evocative horror line which includes zombies (of course), but also werewolves & vampires, wolves, and a Jack the Ripper vignette featuring a…

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    Deep, Dark Africa from Blue Moon

    Blue Moon Manufacturing has released a much-anticipated line of 15mm figures (really 18mm these days) for exploring Deepest, Darkest Africa. The line currently comprises 12 tribes of natives (including pygmies), askaris, porters (with ivory, nicely complementing the Irregular bearers who have…

  • Old West,  VSF

    Weird West from Jeff Valent Studios

    Jeff Valent Studios produces miniatures for Deadlands and the Great Rail Wars. The line contains typical Old West types and the more fanciful denizens of the Deadlands milieu. Look for some great steampunk vehicles, including an ornithopter, steam wagon, and auto-gyro.